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About Us

Our company is part of the leading industrial robots supplier and automation integrator in America, ITbotics. We are focused on delivering high-quality End Effectors, sometimes called End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT), supporting manufacturing companies that rely on robotic systems to automate their production. One of our primary goals is to help companies in America become leaders in their respective industries. With our high-end automatic tool changers and material handling solutions, any business can maximize their potential and gain competitive advantage over adversaries.

Continuous innovation is what sets us apart from other EOAT distributors. We have a team of engineers and researchers who conduct regular experiments to further improve our products. We are also updated with the latest trends in science and technology, guiding us to our never-ending pursuit of knowledge. Case studies and observations are done inside our facility in order to discover different methods to optimize the wide-range of robotic systems existing in the market.

Everyone in our company is always ready to serve you.